2019 Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of every wedding is a dedicated team of vendors who do everything in their power to make the couples’ dreams come true.  I’m dedicating this post to all my assistants and second photographers this year who not only created beautiful photographs for the couples to enjoy, but tended to the details.  Carrying coats, holding lights, fluffing gowns, fixing bowties are just a few of the many jobs we are happy to help with during your wedding day.

Maria Penayo

Maria has been with me since 2014 and has been an essential behind the scenes element to every wedding since then.  This year she is spreading her wings and moving out west.  I am so happy and proud of her, but also super sad to see her go.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from Maria this year:

Meghan Webster, Mary Dalanon and Raquel Tauler provided awesome assistance for several weddings.  It is always a plus to have extra hands for miscellaneous tasks!

Tommy Wagner

Tommy is awesome!  When I found out Maria was no longer available for weddings and that I was pregnant, my good friend Brea Shaw, Photography by Brea, referred me to two wonderful photographers who were able to help with several weddings.  Tommy has a unique and creative perspective and was able to get into those tight spots when my bump started to get bigger.  Here are some of my favorite photos from Tommy:

Brea Shaw

Brea is not only an amazing friend but a super talented photographer, Photography by Brea.  She photographed Sarah and Nick’s morning ceremony with me after shooting a wedding until 1am the night before.  I am forever grateful for her help and inspiration!

Jim Heine

Jim is one of those people who stays humbly behind the scenes but creates the most phenomenal photographs.  Always a smile on his face and positive attitude, he brings such a wonderful energy to the wedding day.  I am so grateful to have met him through Brea and love how different his perspective is than mine.  His photographs were the perfect compliment to these couples’ weddings!

Kathy Blanchard

Another awesome friend and colleague (Kathy Blanchard Photography)!  I was thrilled when Kathy was available to help with Kirsten and Matt’s wedding at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club this past August.  Kathy has a similar style to mine and a ton of experience.  She just knows what to photograph and when and her exposures are spot on so I never have to worry that we missed something.  Plus her humor and energy are so much fun to be around!

Connie Groah

September 21 was such a hot date this year, I was so thankful that I found two awesome photographers to assist me that day.  Connie (Barefoot Photography) is an old friend as well and we were able to bring on a new team member, Colleen Elizabeth.  Having both their points of view created wonderful, well rounded coverage of the day!

Colleen Elizabeth

I am so lucky to have had Colleen (Colleen Elizabeth Photography) on board for several weddings this year!  I hope she will continue to shoot with me in 2020 because I love her creativity and ability to capture those in between moments.  She is kind, high energy and willing to help out in any way.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from Colleen:

Kyle Bergner

Long term industry friendships are crucial to the survival of any business.  Kyle (Celebrate the Real) is one of those great friends who you know is always reliable.  The last time she photographed with me was 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I know I can always count on her personally and professionally.  Thank you, Kyle!

Renee Michelle

October 26 was another big date in 2019.  I cannot thank Renee enough for photographing with me in DC that day.  Her experience and creativity was the perfect match for Elizabeth and Jon’s wedding that day.  Colleen also provided additional coverage and assistance that day, which helped make the wedding stress free for the couple.  Here is one of my favorite photos from Renee:

Colleen in the background holding lights!

Ashley McGinty

Ashley (Griot Photo) is so much fun and a pleasure to work with!  She agreed to help with Katie and Hunter’s wedding at the USNA Chapel and Alumni House this past November.  I had a great time getting to know her better and love her willingness to help out and ability to create beautiful photographs:

Thank you to everyone who helped make the wedding day for all these couples stress free and create beautiful heirlooms.  I hope to work with you again in 2020!

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